SolarWrap 400


Packs plenty of power in a compact, lightweight continuous roll.

  • It's Lightweight and small size make perfect for backpacking
  • Durable, flexible solar panels roll up into the integrated protective case
  • High solar collectivity in less than full sun conditions
  • The additional length of the SolarWrap 400 cuts solar charge time by 2.5 hours as compared to the SolarWrap 250
  • Power gauge provides easy to read battery level indicator
  • On board high-capacity Li Ion battery
  • 1x USB Output
  • 1x Micro USB for charging from a wall outlet
  • Featured in the 2013 Summer Edition

Specs for

PowerSync SolarWrap 400


Weight: oz
Size: in
9.125 x 2.4
Deployed Length: in
Charge From Wall:
4 Hours
Charge From Solar:
3.5 Hours
USB Outlets:
Power Output:
5v, 1a
Battery Type:
Li Ion
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Collect and store, then charge on demand with PowerSync™. It’s the powerful, innovative technology behind our SolarBook™, SolarWrap™ and Battery Bar™ systems. Set them out on a sunny day and in no time you have the power to charge your smart phone, camera, practically any device with a USB input. No sun, no problem. With a high capacity Li Ion rechargeable battery on-board, pre-charge them from home with a Micro USB Input and you’re ready to go – whatever the conditions.